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Entry requirements:

  • 17yrs or older.
  • NZ citizen or permanent resident.
  • Cannot be a full-time secondary student.
  • Identification, e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers Licence, Community Services Card.
  • Adults in part-time or full-time work.
  • Able to commit to training on a weekly basis and to complete 25 hours of learning.


Contact the Whanganui Learning Centre today. Come in and talk to our qualified staff today. 232 Wicksteed Street. We are open Mon - Thurs 9am-3pm or phone 06 348 4950.

The Whanganui Learning Centre offers targeted coaching for entry test preparation for the New Zealand Police, Corrections and the New Zealand Armed Forces.


Let us help you with higher mathematics, learn effective reading skills. Learn how to take notes and write reports. A few assessment tips will give you the confidence to pass and become part of your choice of the Force.

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